Fun Questions to Ask Kids

The best way to entertain a bored kid is to get them thinking and get them… talking!

Kids love to analyse and ask questions on just about anything. To make this a two-way advantage, here are some helpful questions for parents that not only get the creative juices flowing but also a way to understand kids better.

These are funny yet smart questions to find out what your kids like and don’t.

For example, if your kids are picky eaters, you can ask a question like – What food will make your tummy happy right now?

You’ll be surprised how they will open up to you. When you have fun questions to ask kids, they will give you actual answers than when you put forward a simple question like – What would you like for dinner!

Asking these questions also helps you understand how well your child is aware of their surroundings.

I particularly find these handy to use when we are going on a long drive. Kids can get bored real quick, no matter how well equipped we are. These questions can serve as a great back up plan when everything else fails.

I’ve tried it and have found these questions to keep them entertained.

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Fun activities to do with kids at home. Here are 50 funny questions to ask your kids that might make you laugh!

70 Funny Questions for Kids

1. What do you like to do after you wake up in the morning?

2. Who is your favourite superhero?

3. What are your favourite rules to follow at home?

4. What rules would you like to change at home?

5. What rules would you like to change at school?

6. Thinking about what makes you happy?

7. Who makes you laugh the most?

8. What do you look forward to doing at school?

9. Tell me one big secret I don’t know?

10. If you were to swap everyone in the family, who would be what?

11. If you were to step inside a storybook, which one would it be?

12. What character (in that book) would you be?

13. What is the one thing you want to do on your own without mommy’s help?

14. If mom was to cook something different, what vegetables would you like in it?

15. If you were a teacher what would you teach kids?

16. If it was summer now, what would you do?

17. If it was winter now what would you do? ( Same for autumn and spring)

18. If you didn’t wear PJ’s at night what would you wear?

19. What is your favourite outfit for a dress-up party?

20. What would you like to create when you grow up?

21. Who would you like to be when you grow up?

22. What is the one thing you do, that your friends enjoy?

23. If you were to have a farm animal as a pet what would it be?

24. Which animal in the zoo can stay in your backyard?

25. If God was next to you right now what would you tell Him?

26. Who bothers you the most?

27. What is the one thing you don’t want to see in your dreams?

28. If you owned a beach what animals would you have?

29. What makes you happy when you are on holiday?

30. What would you like to pack in a picnic basket?

31. If you were to fill your school bag with anything other than books, what would it be?

32. If there were no rules to follow what would you do?

33. If you go to the supermarket on your own, what would you buy?

34. What would you buy someone for their birthday?

35. If it was your birthday today what cake would you buy?

36. Which toy would you like if it came to life?

37. How long does it take to go to America (or any other country your family lives)?

38. If you could change one rule in the house, what would it be?

39. What is your favourite colour?

40. If you had superpowers like a superhero, what would it be?

41. If you were to eat one thing every day, what would it be?

42. What is the one thing that is most important to you?

43. If you want something to disappear what would it be?

44. Where does money come from?

45. What would you buy with lots of money?

46. What is the best day of your life?

47. If you were to go back in time, which day in your life would that be?

48. What would you do if there was no television?

49. If you were to start a restaurant what would you cook?

50. Why do people love you?

51. If you had a dog what is the first trick you’d teach?

52. If you can fly where will you go?

53. If you were to build a house of candy, what would you use?

54. What are your funniest dance moves?

55. Do you like the dab or the shuffle?

56. If you had a food stall what would you sell?

57. What is the one thing you like to do in summer?

58. What is the one thing to look forward to doing in winter?

59. If you were to give away one toy, which one would it be?

60. Which is your favourite storybook?

61. A movie that makes you happy?

62. A nursery rhyme that makes you giggle?

63. A vegetable you can eat everyday?

64. A fruit you can eat everyday?

65. If you were to eat the same meal everyday what would you choose?

66. Tell me a secret you haven’t told anyone? 

67. Do you like the zoo or the farm?

68. On a sunny day what would you like to drink?

69. If there is one thing you like to teach someone, what would that be?

70. If you were to become someone else, who would you want to be?

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If you want to dig deeper into any of these questions, follow it with – why!