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Let’s face it. We are all in need of money now.

Rather than waiting to get paid end of the month, a few extra cash making ideas can be helpful throughout the week.

While you can get paid every week with most side hustles.

Let’s look at some side jobs that will help you make money today!

Here are 13 easy side jobs that will pay you money within 48 hours.


This post may contain affiliate links. Please read disclosure.

Make money fast. Side hustles to make quick money from home.


1. Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is when a company or a brand pays bloggers to write a review about their product on your website. This is a good opportunity for bloggers to make some money in their initial stages of blogging. Regardless of what level you are, you can apply to write a sponsored post and get paid per article.

You can reach out to brands via emails and offer to write a sponsored post.

While reaching out to companies might be time-consuming, you can check out this website that posts regular sponsored post opportunities. You can expect to earn between $65 to $5,000 per blog post depending on your experience. Topics usually include lifestyle, fitness, health, beauty, travel, parenting, hobbies, and more.


2. Make Money on Social Media (Without a Blog!)

Make Money on Pinterest

If you are a social media fanatic, you can most certainly make money on Instagram or Pinterest. With Pinterest, you can earn from affiliate marketing or as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. Pinterest VA’s can earn up to $50 an hour just for creating, scheduling pins and managing Pinterest accounts for bloggers and small business owners.

Make money on Instagram

Instagram is another growing platform that you can monetize. If you can earn the knack of growing an engaged following, you can certainly sell affiliate products and make money. Alex Tooby an Instagram expert has this free online masterclass to help you learn the tricks of earning with Instagram.


3. Sell on Cheap books on Amazon without experience (Worldwide)

There are just so many different ways to make money on Amazon. But one of the easiest ways to do it, is with Zen Arbitrage. It’s an online tool that lets you scan Amazon to find cheap books. You then relist the books you choose to sell for a higher price – the profit is yours to keep!

The best part is;

  • Work from any part of the world with just your laptop
  • High earning potential (over $30,000/month)
  • No Amazon selling experience required

Check out Zen Arbitrage by getting your copy of this free book.


4. Make $200k a year Writing

Do you love to write? Are you interested in pursuing a writing career?

Holly Johnson earns over $200,000 a year freelance writing for big publications – and so can you. Rather than writing high-quality articles for a few dollars, you can earn big money by learning how to break into the freelance writing industry. Holly offers a free beginner training that you must check out.

If you are a beginner, you can build your writing portfolio by writing guest posts for bloggers or try Fiverr for smaller gigs. Here is a list of online magazines that pay beginners to write on parenting, faith, lifestyle and money related topics.


5. Sell Online

Now you don’t need to worry about creating big products to sell. And there’s definitely no need to worry about packaging, handling and delivery.

So what are we talking about?

Digital products.

Yes, digital products are the best way to make a passive income – make money even while you sleep!

Here are some ideas:

  • If you are good at graphic designing and creating printables or beautiful quotes you can sell printables.
  • For those that can inspire others with their knowledge, you can create an ebook or a recipe book.
  • Or an online course, if you prefer including some video tutorials.
  • Finally, you can buy thrifty products and sell on Amazon.

While most of these ideas do require some work at the start, after your initial preparation you can sit back and watch the money roll in.

Think about it, once you have created a website to sell printables, all that’s left is to promote your online store. Your product is ready and payments are handled by secure online tools.


6. Swagbucks

One of the best rewards site that will pay you daily.

You only need to reach a $3 minimum to cash out with a PayPal voucher or a gift card. There are a variety of ways you can make money with Swagbucks – daily surveys, playing videos and even using their cashback sites.


You can redeem your points earned from Swagbucks via PayPal gift cards once you reach a minimum of $3. Join Swagbucks here and start earning>


7. Ibotta

Ibotta is one of the fastest cashback sites. It is currently available to those living in the US and Canada.

Earn cashback whether you shop online or in-store.

Ibotta is available to download on both Apple and Android.


With the Ibotta app, you can redeem your cash through PayPal within 24-48 hours.


8. Respondent

Unlike survey sites that pay you very little for your opinion, the pay scale for online research sites is much higher – usually up to $100 an hour.

Similar to surveys, with online research you are asked to share your knowledge and opinion by answering questions.

Respondent is one such online site that pays you to help in online research. Questions are suitable for professionals and stay-at-home parents. Studies are worth between $25 – $300. Shorter studies that are under 15 minutes pay around $25 while the ones that take about 60-90 minutes are worth up to $300.


Money is sent to your PayPal account once you complete a study.

Check out Respondent here>


9. Pinecone Research

If you prefer to do short surveys on your phone, Pinecone Research offers to pay a flat fee of $3 a survey.

Doing just 4 of these can earn you up to $12 an hour. Unfortunately, you are not given a whole lot of surveys to complete. But definitely worth signing up as $3 for a 10-15 minute survey is not bad at all.

An advantage with Pinecone Research is that they don’t clutter your inbox with a lot of unwanted surveys. The surveys they send are relevant to you and based on your interest.


Payment is through PayPal cash. You get the money transferred to your account on completing each survey. So the good thing is there is no need for you to reach a minimum balance to cash out.

Join Pinecone Research here (US)>


10. MyPoints

Not only does MyPoints offer cashback with over 2,000 retailers, but they also find you the latest promo codes and deals.

So if are a regular at one of the following retailers, you will get points on every dollar you spend.

As a mom, you are probably using most of these brands to shop each month. Why not use My Points to get money back each time you shop?

Additionally, you can earn up to $50 through their surveys.


Cash-out the points you earn anytime you want, by transferring it to your PayPal account.

Join here:

Use this coupon link to join MyPoints and get a $10 visa card, when you spend at least $20 on your shopping.


11. Fiverr

Have a skill you like to share for cash? Try Fiverr.

An online freelance hub, where you swap your services for money. Whether you are good at writing, web designing, graphic designing or doing voice overs, you can post your service on Fiverr.

Once someone is interested in your services, you complete your work and get paid.


12. Postmates

Deliver and earn as a Postmates driver.

It’s a flexible way to earn an extra income when the kids are at school, as you can choose your hours of work.

With Postmates you get to deliver groceries, food or products from retail stores to customers in your local area.


You can choose to withdraw instantly or get them automatically transferred to your bank account once a week. If you choose to withdraw instantly they have no limit to how many times you cash out a day.

Join Postmates with your email address>


13. Rover

If you are a pet lover, join Rover to take care of dogs in your free time and earn money.

You can choose between dog boarding, dog walking, doggy daycare or house sitting. Dog boarding pays well, where care for the dog or cat overnight in your home.

At Rover, you get to choose your own hours and rates.


On job completion, they will release your payment within 48 hours by direct deposit.


14. Task Rabbit

On task rabbit, people posts one time jobs that they need doing. It can range from online admin tasks, freelance writing, handmade jobs, gardening or just running errands.

Once you join Task Rabbit, you can choose the type of tasks you are comfortable doing and get paid immediately on task completion.

The UK alternative to Task Rabbit is Air Tasker.

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