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Virtual Field Trips for Kids

Entertaining kids that are stuck at home can be a difficult task.

Unless its something that is engaging, kids tend to get bored easily.

These virtual field trips can give kids a real-life field trip experience that is both entertaining and educational.

Today we will be taking a look at some virtual tours for older kids and adults, as well as animal webcams for the little ones to enjoy.

From historic landmarks to animal adventures – it’s all in here.

**This post may contain affiliate links. Please read disclosure.

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Why virtual field trips for kids?

Field trips are great for kids to explore different cities and learn new things.

While it’s not always possible to travel the world, these online adventures will educate the kids visually.

Seeing things imprint an unforgettable adventure for them.

Plus, they get a more hands-on experience of each trip and can choose to revisit anytime. These websites are free to use and can be accessed at any time of the day.

Having said that, when it comes to the animal webcams, its good to check zoo opening times to view the animal feeding times which kids will enjoy watching.

Who is offering free virtual tours?

1. Google Virtual Tour

Google Earth is an excellent geographical learning resource for kids.

They can type in questions about capital cities and landmarks to get interactive answers. It also has a 3D feature that can be used to view any location around the world.

You can virtually see a street view of any part of the world.


2. Virtual Museum Tours

childrens museum virtual tourFor kids interested in science and learning about fossils and extinct wildlife, a virtual tour of the museum is an excellent experience for them.

Once they choose any of the museums below, they can select the different room in the museum and view artefacts and other extraordinary exhibits.

These virtual tours also provide information about the rooms you visit.

Here are a list of museums that have free virtual tours

Children’s Museum Indianapolis

Boston’s Children’s Museum

Louvre Virtual Tour

Smithsonian Museum

British Museum

London’s Natural History Museum

The Australian Museum

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


3. Historic Places Virtual Tours

Who says you need to travel the world to see the Eiffel tower? Now you can bring the Eiffel tower home with a 360-degree experience. 

And it’s not just the Paris, here are a few more historical landmarks that you can visit while at home.

White House Virtual Tour

Buckingham Palace

City of London

Mount Vernon

Liberty Bell

Great Wall of China


4. Virtual Zoo Tour

animal zoo webcamAnimal webcams are great because you can play it on your television or tablet and sit back to watch the animals in action.

It’s good to read information about the zoo’s opening hours and feeding times as the animals are more active around these hours.

Most of the animal webcams below are of high quality giving the kids an amazing experience.

Based on the age of the kids you can try and include games like, animal spotting, or naming the animals. Older kids can also record notes of what they see and experience.

Kansas City Zoo

Houston Zoo

Kids San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo Tiger Cam

Zoo Atlanta Panda Cam

Maryland Zoo Lion Cam

Reid Park Zoo

Virtual London Zoo


5. Virtual Aquarium Tours for Kids

Enter into sea life with these aquarium tours of a variety of underwater creatures.

We’ve got webcams of a small and big sea animals including sharks. Yes, the Aquarium of the Pacific link below will take you into the world of Sharks.

Vancouver Aquarium

Aquarium of the Pacific

Georgia Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

National Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium


6. National Parks Virtual Tours

Universal Studios Florida

Christ the Redeemer – Rio De Janeiro

Taj Mahal 360 degree Tour

Stonehenge Virtual Tour

Yellow Stone National Park


Looking for some other fun ways to keep kids entertained at home?


Check out these ideas!

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