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$5 Meal Plan

Are you interested in cheap meal ideas?

Love to make home-cooked meals, but don’t have the time or ideas to satisfy picky eaters in your family.

What you need is the 5 dollar meal plan.

Yes, for $5 a month you get access to shopping lists and weekly meal plans that make use of simple, healthy and inexpensive ingredients.

But the best part is you get access to a full 14-day trial to check it out before you decide.


Benefits of Meal Planning

The biggest benefit of meal planning is being able to visualise your eating habits. You find yourself incorporating a variety of foods in your diet. So, you can do seafood twice a week, go meatless once a week or even decide on creating a sugar-free or gluten-free day in the week.

Meal planning definitely keeps me organised!

When we don’t meal plan we might end up repeating meals and this can make dinners boring.

Needless to say, saving time and money is a key factor that makes meal planning popular these days.

Finally, there is less food wastage. Since you know what your meals for the week are, you tend to shop the amount you need – definitely a game-changer for those on a budget.


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What is the $5 meal plan?

The $5 meal plan was created to take the stress out of meal planning for busy families.

Meal plans will be emailed to you every single week. You can also access their drag and drop meal plan builder to make planning easy. The meals included are nutritious and would only cost less than $2 a person.

Try $5 Meal Plan!


How does the $5 meal plan work?

You will receive weekly meal plans each week on a Friday morning.

The meal plans include a menu and a shopping list.


  • Five dinner entrees with sides, including a freezer meal, a slow cooker meal and a 20-minute meal.
  • Plans include breakfast and a lunch meal
  • Plus a weekly dessert, or a healthy beverage/snack.


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$5 Meal Plan Review

With this meal plan, you get printable menus and shopping lists. This means you can stay organised with your grocery list. Having a shopping list avoids unnecessary spending.

You can also budget your shopping list each week, which helps you keep track of your spending habits.

Ingredients included in the list are simple and can easily be bought from your local supermarket. So yes, you won’t have to go hunting for exotic fruit or veg in speciality stores.

The meals include a variety of food like chicken, seafood, beef and pork recipes. Occasionally you get meatless recipes, freezer and slow cooker recipes.

The benefit of a home-cooked meal is that you know what you are eating – healthy fresh ingredients your family will enjoy.

This is such a healthy substitute to fast food and takeaways, and for $5 a month, this is just a super cheap option for healthy meal planning.


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$5 Meal Plan Sample

Try this 14-day trial to see if the $5 meal plan will suit you. Click here to gain access to your free trial.

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Want a free meal planner printable?

Click the link below to download a free copy of your weekly meal planner


Printable meal planner


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Meal Planner Free Printable : Try this healthy meal plan for just $5 a month including shopping lists, freezer meals, slow cooker recipes and more

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