Making a Daily Routine

Wondering what is a good morning routine?

Its one that leaves you energised, and makes everything feel just right!

But to make this happen, there needs to be a routine in place.

Don’t worry, we are not talking about dramatic lifestyle changes – but instead small adjustments to a better morning routine.

These changes will help you maintain sanity and also help you be more productive during the day.

As a mom, my morning routine involves the kids too. Breakfast, school uniforms, lunch boxes and trying to do it all on time.

There is usually a day when a sock is missing its pair, or a last-minute job needs attention.

But if you have a well established morning routine, you are sure to have a few spare minutes to find that missing sock!

Trust me those few minutes can seem like a miracle at times.

With so much happening, I have put together a detailed step-by-step productive morning routine guide to get you ready to tackle every day without the struggle.

If you are ready to start making a daily morning routine, at the end of this post is a handy checklist you can download for free. Don’t forget to get your free copy today!

Daily Routine Checklist for Adults

Morning routine checklist pdf

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Productive Morning Routine

Self care and motivation to create a perfect and productive morning routine


Aim for an 8-hour rest

Make sure to get your 8 hours at night.

Being a work-at-home mom, I tend to stay up late some nights to get work done. My kids are early risers, so when they are up by 6 in the morning, I am left with less than 5-6 hours of sleep.

This makes me tired, restless and definitely in no mood to get any work done the next day. Regardless of being productive 2 hours or so the previous night, I am losing a whole day of productivity the next day.

No matter what, give the rest your body deserves.

Try and sleep early if you can and wake up before the kids.

This gives you a few minutes to yourself in the morning.


Pray and Meditate

If you are able to get at least an hour to yourself before the kids are awake, try and allot 10 minutes to pray and meditate.

This refreshes your mind and body.

Having a bedside bible is a good way to start your day with a word from God.

I believe in having a spiritual connection, as there is nothing more powerful than this experience. A sense of warmth that no matter what the day brings me, I can rest assured that IT WILL BE ALRIGHT.


Organise clothes for the week

organise clothes and doing the ironing.Try and get this done on a Sunday. Check the weather for the week to see if there is an unusual weather pattern and plan your outfits (& the kids) accordingly.

Do this even if the kids are at home. Staying organised regardless of a work-day or a holiday puts you in a routine. Try not to break this system even on school holidays.

If its winter – check for coats, jackets, mittens, scarf, umbrella, rain boots, raincoats or a beanie.

Organise hair accessories, so you are not in a rush searching for lost hair ties and hair-clips.


Maintain a winter/summer storage

Make sure you have a rotation of winter and summer clothes stored away.

Keep a set of clothes for summer and winter, and get them out only when you need to.

There are many ways to do this.

You can either have a storage box under the bed or in an additional closet.

Stay organised by washing and labelling the boxes outside for kids clothes, outdoor clothes or adult clothing. This way it’s easy to identify what clothes are inside the boxes instead of opening all the storage containers.


Avoid phones for the first hour

I hate waking up with my phone – which I used to do to check social media or emails.

This eats up a lot of time and is a heavy strain to the eyes first thing in the morning. It’s definitely not the best thing to do right at the start of the day.

It’s much better to begin your mornings by opening the windows and letting some fresh air and sunshine in! The morning cool breeze is refreshing and good for the skin.


Set an early alarm

If you need an hour to get yourself and the kids ready for the morning, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than that.

This could be your life saving 15 minutes in case you need to find or organise something you’ve forgotten.

Sometimes having a few extra minutes is handy, because you can still stay on time even if there was a last-minute emergency.


Refreshing Morning Drink

Start your day with a refreshing drink that keeps you hydrated and energised all day.

While you might have heard of having a lemon drink in the morning, try this with a little Himalayan salt.lemon Himalayan salt and water

How to make this drink:

  • 400ml water
  • Half a lemon
  • 1/4 teaspoon Himalayan salt

This is a fantastic electrolytic drink that boosts your immune system.

Most of the time we might forget to drink water during the day. Water is so important to hydrate your body, and this drink will do just that for you.

Try this and your body will love you back!


Be grateful for today

I am so grateful to God for everything He has done for me, with my life, family and work.

I never forget to thank Him each day, and if you are grateful for anything, make sure to show your appreciation.


Morning stretches

A few simple stretches at the start and the end of each day relaxes your body muscles.

Here are 3 easy stretches while lying in bed;

  • The easiest is to lie with your back on the bed and stretch your entire body from your arms to toes
  • Second is to hold both your knees and bring it in, to your chest. Hold it for 10 seconds and release
  • Finally, with your knees bend and arms stretched, move your legs (with the knees bent) from one side to the other. Hold each side for 5 seconds.


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Use a whiteboard

If you are like me, I like to be able to see my task for the day set out. I keep a whiteboard in the kitchen to put down a to-do list for the week.

I find myself spending the most time in the kitchen, whether its cooking or laundry. So being able to visualize things is a great way to stay on track.


Make-ahead Breakfasts

On weekdays, mornings are the busiest time of the day. A grab and go breakfast is a great idea to ease the tension. Apart from cereal and toast, you can also try these easy make-ahead overnight oats. 

Here are some other cheap and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Meal plan for the week

meal planningPlanning meals for the week takes the load out of brainstorming ideas.

Having a meal plan is great because you are able to organise a schedule of what to cook and do the grocery shopping accordingly.

But in particular, you also get the opportunity to include a variety of foods into your family diet and prevent you from repeating meals.

If you are considering starting a meal plan, here’s one for just $5!


Keep snacks ready

Similar to meal planning, get some healthy snacks ready for the week. Whether its after school snack ideas or a treat for a hungry mom, create a few healthy DIY recipes and store them in ziplock bags.

Here’s some inspiration:

  • Energy balls
  • Trail Mix
  • Sweet potato crisps
  • Apple slices
  • Banana chips
  • Granola bars
  • Frozen yoghurt bars
  • Berry muffins


Have a Backup plan

Let’s get this straight, 3 out of 10 times, things might go wrong.

But remember this.

There is no need to panic!

The best decisions are made when you pause a few seconds and decide what you need to do. Panic drains your energy and you’ll have trouble thinking right.

Have a backup plan to use when things fail.


That’s it, we have come to the end of a few productive things to do in the morning. While they might sound easy to follow, putting it into practice all at once can be a little stressful.

Like with any new routine, take it in baby steps.

Choose to do two new things a week and then build on it.

It’s only a matter of time before your productive morning routine kicks in!


Morning Routine Chart for Adults

If you are looking for a morning routine template for adults, click the link below and download it for free. There’s no need to sign up to anything. Just click and print!

Click Here for your free Morning Routine Checklist DOWNLOAD


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